Mad Men: Jon Hamm on Esquire Magazine March 2012

Esquire Magazine is hamming it up for its March 2012 issue, by having both Jon Hamm and Kate Upton in its cover. Of course, Jon Hamm also gets a nice feature in the inside pages.

In the interview, Jon Hamm says that he is actually the opposite of his Don Draper character on Mad Men. First of all, he’s a very loyal partner, who has been with his girlfriend of more than 13 years. He’s also very domesticated. He has lived in the same house for almost the same time as being with his girlfriend, and he takes care of the animals.

The former high school English teacher is also a book lover. In the feature, it’s stated there that he required his students to read Ukranian literature in his class. He left teaching in St. Louis and moved to Nevada, and from there, it took him another decade to make it in the business of entertainment.

He won the role of Don Draper in 2007, after a series of audition. And from there, well, we all know what happened afterwards.

But, even with all the success, it seems nothing has changed. Jon Hamm still lives in a modest house in Los Feliz.

You can read the full interview on this link.

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