Mad Men Star Surprises Conan Staffer With the Ultimate Secret Santa Gift

Tis the season of the giving right? For most we’ve taken part in a Secret Santa of some sort, resulting in a humorous gag gift, cheap perfume or scented candles, but what if you were given the ultimate present. This past week, Conan O’Brien teamed up with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm to do just that.

Conan who revealed on the show, that he usually doesn’t participate in the Secret Santa because he “gives the gift of employment” gave one of his staffers her dream gift. After rummaging through talent coordinator Ashley Olivia’s desk, which you can see by clicking here to watch the video, he discovers she has a mad crush on the handsome and very talented Jon Hamm.

The pair teamed up and surprised her on the show with Conan giving her a framed picture of the Mad Men star. Little did she know Hamm was behind the curtain ready to autograph the framed print for her. Lucky, lucky girl!! Now tell me that’s not the ultimate Secret Santa gift!

It didn’t stop there though as Hamm also handed her a bottle of vitamins. If I was Olivia I probably wouldn’t be eating those vitamins as they would be sitting with my autographed print to remind me of my ultimate gift.

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